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Religion majors unite!

Religion Majors
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religion_majors is dedicated to those who are pursuing degrees (AAs, BAs, MAs, M Divs, PhDs, D.T.Ss etc) in religious studies. Those seeking minors in religious studies along with those considering this course of study are welcome.

Community Goals:
*Meet other religion majors (we are a rare breed!)
*Talk with those who are thinking about becoming religion majors
*Tell your stories about what life is like after finishing your studies
*Discuss issues related to religious studies, learn from the other members

Have fun with it!

Entering the community, please list the following about yourself:
*Degree you are seeking
*Area of study
*What you wish to do with the degree
*Of course anything else you want us to know about you

Please note: All community promos and general advertising must be approved by amule, morphinex, or nalidolly. In addition please remember this is a community for academic studies in religion, not devotional. Please keep your posts on topic or they will be deleted.

amule: (BA - Religion, MA - Religion)
morphinex: (BA - history; MA - comparative religion) currently pursuing a PhD in religion.
nalidolly: (BS - Computer Science and Religion)

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