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Materials [Dec. 13th, 2009|09:06 pm]
Religion Majors


I just finished writing a short paper on monastics in the middle ages, and I have a few articles printed out that I don't need to keep. Given that some people don't have access to databases, I might as well drop them in the mail as recycle them. PM me with an address. Anywhere in the US should be cheap enough for me to cover.

"Keeping Nuns in Order: Enforcement of the Rules in Thirteenth-Century Sempringham" - Brian Golding, from the Journal of Ecclesiastical History Vol 59, No 4, Oct 2008 out of Cambridge University Press

"The Old English Benedictine Rule; writing for women and men" - Rohini Jayatilaka, from Aglo-Saxon England Vol 32 2003

"Women Religious Virtuosae from the Middle Ages: A Case Patten and Analytic Model of Types" - Barbara Walters, from Sociology of Religion 2002

"Female Monasticism in the twelfth century: Peter Abelard, Heloise, and Paul's letter to the Romans" - Brenda Schlingden, from a book Medieval Readings of Romans

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